My secret to looking ready to take on the world

It is a proven fact that my daily professional appearance directly relates to how many red lights I encounter during my commute.


It’s 28 degrees, I live in Florida, and I have no pants.

It's 28 degrees, I live in Florida, and I have no pants.

How can I lose the baby weight?

The excuses needed to go, and I needed to find ways to get moving again. I needed to shed the baby weight and get back into a body I felt comfortable with.

It’s the little moments…

Weekday mornings aren't all fun and games - we have things to do and places to be. But we sure enjoy getting there together and finding the fun in the routine.

I Am One Person, and There are 24 Hours in a Day.

Day one of my personal challenge to find 30 minutes of me time a day was a lesson in why I needed this challenge. Badly. I work a desk job. I must commute to work. However, I am fortunate enough to work for a company that is sympathetic toward working mothers. This allows me a... Continue Reading →

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