Sometimes, I feel like I’m not doing enough for my kid.

When I start down the dark path of inadequacy, I ask myself, “Would I be happy in this family today?”


To see things through your eyes…

How much happier could we all be if we let those little things make our day again?

A Lesson in Forgiveness

While part of me wanted to just keep this memory off the blog, another part of me wants the rest of you out there to hear one more story about a time a mom screwed up...we've all been there...

How do I control the flood of toys?

I want to make sure we continue to teach him as he gets older that it’s not about how many gifts you get, but that they were chosen with care and are things you truly need or add value to your life.

Am I present enough in my son’s life?

It occurred to me that as a working mommy, I am the stage manager of my son's production. This analogy quells the constant doubts over whether I'm present enough...

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