Motherhood challenges you in ways you never imagined. Everywhere you turn, society suggests that you need to have your act together, that you should be happy because you have “everything you ever wanted.” Growing your family, they say, is pure bliss perfumed with baby powder and cuddles. But you know the truth. Motherhood is equal parts bliss and barely keeping your head above water. The best part? That’s normal. Your feelings matter – all of them.

IMG_2827If you crave connecting with another mother’s story, knowing you are not alone on a bad day, welcome. If you like to borrow organizing hacks and tried-and-true tricks from other moms, welcome. If you need to know how other working moms deal with the guilt and challenges of work-life balance, you won’t find that here, because not a single mother I have talked to has figured it out yet. However, you will find an honest exploration of the emotional rollercoaster that is working motherhood. I’m a first-time working mom, so sometimes I’m making this up as I go, just like you. But I promise to do my best to give you a little bit of hope.

I used to be a teacher, and even though I left the classroom for an office, I cannot shake that core teacher personality: I like helping people. I want other new mothers to benefit from my mistakes and struggles. As prepared as I felt leading up to my son’s birth (I nested like a champ!), I quickly realized motherhood is a special sort of challenge. That doesn’t make it bad. But let’s get real: it is a challenge. 

I am blessed with an amazing support system of understanding family and friends. So if I struggled despite the support I received, I can only imagine the weight I would have felt without that support. I don’t have all (or most) of the answers, but I would love to be a small piece of your support system. 

Follow me for reflections on motherhood through the eyes of one working mommy. From my unplanned C-section to my struggles with breastfeeding, to having to let go of (or at least try to keep in check) my perfectionist tendencies, I offer up an honest exploration of motherhood.

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