To see things through your eyes…

Dear Little Dude,

I’m so thankful every day to be able to see things through your eyes, because we adults tend to make things so darn complicated.

Today I shuffled into work at 9 AM, desperate for my second cup of coffee. I stared at the computer screen, but nothing made complete sense.

I grumbled about the fact that many of my friends worried about the pay and productivity loss they might suffer during the government shutdown.

I made a list of all the chores I needed to do after work.

Then I got a text message.

While I struggled to get my Monday rolling, you went on an errand to the store and got yourself a free balloon.

For just a minute, I stopped everything and put myself in your shoes.

For just a minute, what a wonderful possibilities the world held: sunshine, people smiling and waving and saying hello, and a great big red balloon just floating there like magic.

Every time we go to the store, and I get you a balloon and start checking things off my list, I miss the point. I miss the magic.

Today, when I couldn’t be there with you, I saw your eyes shining in that picture, and I understood.

How much happier could we all be if we let those little things make our day again?

Version 3

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